Tech Bulk Co., Limited

We Manufacture The Best Tech Products that Make Your life Better

We are a manufacturer of living, beauty and health tech products that make people’s lives better and easier.

About Us

Our Beliefs

Tech Bulk Co., Limited is a manufacturer set out to make products that make people’s lives easier and better by utilising the latest technologies.

But our efforts don’t stop there. We go beyond the manufacturing process and make everything affordable to all common people.

Why we are better


Here at Tech Bulk, we facilitate a group of excellent R&D experts who has rich experience, great knowledge and most importantly keen eye on people’s daily lives. They enable us to launch innovative products each season.

Quality Brilliant

We understand that quality means a lot when it comes to daily goods. That’s why we employ the most strict quality checking system and standards in our company to make sure what you receive is what you buy.

Factory to Consumer

We provide factory to consumer services. That means, we can help you produce the products, customize the packaging, and ship them to your customers directly from China. All you need to do is selling them.


What People Say

Tech Bulk is definitely the best manufacturer I have worked with since long time ago. Seamless communication, great service and excellent quality make them stand out.

James Smith

I purchase and ship to local small businesses. And most of my clients are happy with what they receive, will definitely come back for more.

John Williams


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    With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.